C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (END) 81 points

C: The series with the name that is really confusing

Well it’s very hard to write about this show. I’m not sure what to concentrate on in talking about this. I can go on and on in saying how bad it is but at the same time I there’s a lot in here for me to like. One thing to say though, is that I never got into it. The premise is cool and all but it kind of failed to go into the darkness that I envisioned it to be. Also it never became the hyped up series I expected it to be. Not to say it’s bad, because it’s a very likable series.

For execution, the series has its strengths and faults. The series knows what its doing. It knows what direction to go. It’s well planned. It started out with introductory episodes for the audience to get into the setting of the series, which is the Financial district. Then it went to a string of battles, string of explanations, string of views that really make you think. As the series goes further, it tackles the climax of the story wherein C is going to hit Japan. It definitely ended with quite a bang and a satisfying conclusion. This is the good parts of C. The bad parts is on how I cannot really divulge myself into it. I was NOT into it. The series failed to take me in. I would say the lack of character development helped this. Then again, the series had an abundance of character development so it’s hard to just pin it on that. Maybe it’s the character attachment; I definitely was not attached to anyone of them, I could have cared less if any of them died. Also one could say the series is rushed. It’s well planned but when executed, it somehow goes on a fast forward pace. It’s hard to catch on to the series sometimes.

As I explained earlier, I wasn’t very  into the series. It has this lack of engagement that I want from my animu. I am into the series, but for what the series is worth and its stature, I’m quite surprise that I wasn’t into it as much as I would hope to. This is the big gist of why C isn’t an amazing series for me.

For Production values, the series is also a mixed-bag. It has a lot of experimental animation (comparable to SHAFT) and a lot of artistic styles. Usually this would be enough for me to like the series but it also has intrusive CG. I hate CG when it’s not seamlessly done. Also the animation is pretty bad, the farther shots of the characters look distorted. It’s like the animators didn’t have a character model sheet or something. The music is also kind of a waste. It’s really nice (done by the guy who also did the music in Gurren Laggan and SOUL EATER) and cool but none of it really went into my head.

I guess all in all, the series is a mixed-bag. There’s a lot to like for the series to be called good, but it stops reaching the level of amazing because of it’s faults.

Execution: 35/40

Engagement: 23/30

Characters: 16/20

Production Values: 7/10 



(will put a Saten/Uiharu picture later)((I have a new system of grading…again))



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