Puella Magi Tutturu Magica


Well we are in officially in the meat of Steins;Gate and I can only see it get better and better. Some scenes to point out:

  • Why did Part-time Soldier go out then come back in again? Did she miscalculate her judgement on Kurisu or something? If the answer to this is MK (Makise Kurisu;Moeka Kiryuu) then I’ll have to facepalm, though in Part time-soldier’s defense, she never really knew Shining finger.
  • Tutturu’s watch stops when she’s about to die. I’m really inclined to believe that SERN stops time or something.
  • Feyris hasn’t shown up yet. I think she’s a key character because Mayuri did go to her but in the third try she didn’t meet Feyris, I think.
  • Looking at the train scene (very School Days-i end), someone tripped the little kid to tripping Mayuri. I thought subways in Japan have glasses so no one can fall but I guess I’m wrong.
  • It would seem that Mayuri’s fate is to die and I guess more explanation is needed on this part

Well this episode was awesome. Mayuri and Okabe’s relationship really shown through this episode and the hostage-reasoning was very dawww-ish. STEINS;GATE STOP KILLING MAYURI DAMMNIT. YOU’RE BULLYING HER JUST LIKE HOW KYUUBEY BULLIED EVERY PUELLA MAGI.

Also I guess Kyuubey’s equivalent in Steins;Gate is the whole SERN. Kyuubey’s been doing it though since we were neanderthals so he kinda gets more plus for awesome villainy. Plus while SERN has a sexy lady as their face, Kyuubey is in a form of a cute animal and is ten times more trollish. So for villainy, Madoka Magica still has it lol. I do like Mayuri and Okabe’s relationship more than Madoka and Homura’s though.



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