Deadman Wonderland (END) 82 points


Again another series I’m not really motivated to review.

Deadman Wonderland is about a 14 yr. old boy who got accused of killing his whole class and being sent into a privately owned prison called “Deadman Wonderland”. It’s a shonen series true at heart but a bit twisted on the outside. It’s brutal yet thrilling. Conspiracies are everywhere like the G Block, Shiro’s (the heroine) real identity, what the prison really is for and at that, the concepts of this show is truly astounding. The only thing blocking this show from becoming awesome is technically it’s stupidity. Certain actions done by certain characters are questionable like “Why didn’t he just do that?” or “Why isn’t he/she getting killed?” and some set-ups in the series are just. . . stoopid. Well it’s not like it’s bad to like a stupid show which Deadman isn’t half the time but it impends it from being something I LOVE. So yeah this is my gist with Deadman Wonderland. Also it was very open-ended. It’s like “Just make it into fuckin’ 2 cour already.

Execution: 33/40

Engagement: 26/30

Characters: 15/20

Production: 8/10




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