The World God Only Knows II (END) 82 points


I’m not really motivated to write a lot about this.

The World God Only Knows is a series about a guy who’s obsessed with dating sims and ever since Elsie, the overly cute demon, came he started having the job on building a relationship with girls who have loose souls and his goal is to win their heart and kiss them. That’s the gist of the story and basically for this series the same stuff kind of happened.If you hated the series before, you’d still hate it know; If you love it before you’ll still love it now. The difference though between this and the first season is that it had Chihiro’s arc. It really caught me off guard that the overly plain girl would get probably the best arc I’ve seen in the entire series. It’s then when Kami Nomi sort of shined in a way. The last arc is basically the same as others though so it’s safe to say it’s the same’ ol same’ ol animu. Just slightly better with that Chihiro’s arc.

Execution: 34/40 

Engagement: 24/30 

Characters: 16/20 

Production Values: 8/10 




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