Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san (END) 85 points

You won’t fucking fool me with your CLANNAD tears. I realized plot didn’t exist in this series a long time ago. Plus you’re the one who killed Beelzebub in the end.

If we had Level E as our unique comedy in the winter season, we have Azazel-san this season. I never really talked about this series but I’ve always regarded it as one of the tops this season.

The story is about Sakuma, a girl who works part time for Demon detective, Akutabe. They summon demons like Azazel, Beelzebub, Moloch, the sexist samurai, and the annoying fish lady. That’s basically it. It’s a series full of insults that will most likely burst yourself into laughter. They fucking don’t stop, episode per episode. The ten-minute runtime for episode is also quite an appeal as jokes never really drag. One thing though is that this series is also full of facepalms like the last episode with Beelzebub. This series really screws with my emotions sometimes. Of course thIS series isn’t perfect, but for how unique and creative it is, it’s hard not to like.

Execution: 35/40 

Engagement: 25/30 

Characters: 17/20

Production Values: 8/10




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