Summer Season Impressions

Just some reaction. I’m kinda bored to put any screencap.

Mawaru Penguindrop – AWESOMENESS. A bit forced in the drama but nonetheless this season’s winner so far. DAT ART!

Kami-sama Dolls – Heavily fast paced and can go batshit insane like Higurashi. Very high on my list. I just hope the animation can keep up with the awesomeness.

Kami-sama no Memochou – Dialogue heavy mystery. A lot more interesting than Gosick will ever be.

BLOOD C – sigh*

Usagi Drop – Heartwarming but they should have kept the awesome art style in the first few minutes. Reminded me a bit of Hourou Musuko.

Baka Test 2 – Beach episode. Poor Hideyoshi not being able to prove he’s a man.

No. 6 – Must watch this season.


Sacred Seven – CG R3 confirmed.

To watch list:

Black Bunny of Tenma (Kinda excited for this one)

Dantalian no Shoka (GOSICK v2.0)



4 thoughts on “Summer Season Impressions

  1. New theme? it’s abit hard to read.
    But let’s get to anime. I’m most interested in Usagi Drop and Mayo Chiki for now.

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