GOSICK (END) 83 points

Daww End.

Well this another series that’s hard to review. This series has a lot of ups but also a lot of downs. It’s not that big with the mysteries, but it’s very awesome with it’s plot. Mysteries like the Coco Rose or Leviathan ones were pretty awesome and even played out till the very end but there was a lot of shit, mostly from the first half. What GOSICK is good at though is its awesome plot. I started seeing the potential of this series in the Gray Wolves arc but it didn’t unleash it’s true potential til the end of Leviathan’s Arc about 7-8 episodes later. In it’s latter half GOSICK was amazing. It was exhilarating, full of twists and turns. If only they erased most of the mysteries of the first half and extended the second half a bit more then I’d love this series but it didn’t. Towards the end, while it’s not churning out mediocrity anymore, it was horribly fast paced. They were rushing it towards the finale. The last three episodes could have easily fitted a 1 cour series. It did end in a high note and overall I liked this series quite a bit. Not amazing but totally worth it.

Execution: 33/40

Engagement: 25/30

Characters: 17/20

Production: 8/10




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