Maria Holic Alive (END) 78 points

Lol nice puresento.

Well this second season was a bit of a let down. It’s a SHAFT sequel after all. There aren’t a lot of good SHAFT sequels because Shinbo tends to burn out and not care about it. The artistry was toned down, the uniqueness all gone, and it’s just not as funny anymore. But by saying it’s not as funny I do still think this second season is funny. It’s just that the first season had me bursting to tears on how funny it was. I guess it’s hard to compare to that. It’s not as bad as people would say it is but it’s still quite a letdown. I was really excited for this too. 😦 Oh well it did end on a high note with Maria kissing Kanako. The final episode easily capped things off for this series.


Execution: 29/40

Engagement: 23/30

Characters: 18/20

Production Values: 8/10



😦 sequel.


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