4 Reasons why I Love Nichijou so much

Dammnit I love Nichijou!!!!

1. The Laughs – I do have to admit it’s not always THAT funny or that epic but every skit almost always at the very least manage to make me smile. When it gets down to business though it’s like HARHARHAR. The thing with Nichijou’s comedy is that it’s unique. It’s not your usual comedy found in Slice of Life series, but it focuses on the odd and the random. Who knew that random stuff being put together coud be this funny?

2. The Ambition – One might say this series is “Kyoto Animation Slice of Life Lucky Star Copycat No. 3456” but that was A-channel and this season’s Yurururuyi (The one with the fish eyeballs). Nichijou is actually straying from Kyoto Animation’s usual shit. While of course the setting and the genre would definitely be clamped together with the likes of Lucky Star and K-On!, Nichijou’s ambition is to set itself apart from these. The usage of different skits which in a way makes this series like an Animated “All That” or something is quite something. Reading the manga, this series probably wouldn’t use the skit type of organization, but it does and does it really well. One might say that “Aren’t all gag anime” like that?. Watch it, you know it’s different. Nichijou wants to achieve something and I love the way the y do it.

3. The Creativity – It might mesh a bit with ambition but this series really is creative. It adapts the manga perfectly but the way they adapt it is so awesome. A certain explosion in the manga would look 16 times better in the anime.. The use of color scheme in this series is very vibrant. The input of different animation styles when things go really wild is just. . . awesome. It’s like KyoAni was really inspired when making this.

4. Animation – This is definitely Kyoto Animation’s best yet. They’re using full effort on a manga that doesn’t need it. How awesome is that. If Nichijou was animated by another studio, the ambition, creativity and animation would probably be gone since they would have been adapting it without knowing its potential. When one watches this, they’d definitely know how good looking it is. I mean a simple little fight between two characters or a sausage that fell on the floor would look 37 times better than any fight Naruto has ever witnessed and I assure you of that.

Well that’s that. My explanation might not make sense or is stupid but I abide to it. ALL HAIL NICHIJOU. FUCK FRACTAL AND A-CHANNEL.


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