Why I can’t blog Usagi Drop


The only comment I can say to this series is DAWWWWWWWWW. It’s not the ARIA in Paris type of Dawwwww, this series is really more of the realistic type. Its those type of series that can easily be adapted to a live-action series(it already is). I definitely think this series is on par with the likes of Penguindrum and No.6 in terms of “What’s the best this season?” but those two series can easily be blogged. This one only had me going DAWWWWW the whole episode and while I don’t want that DAWWWWW feeling to be gone, its not a good prospect for blogging.


2 thoughts on “Why I can’t blog Usagi Drop

  1. You can “DAWWW” your way through the anime. After all, it can’t be all “DAWWWW” for the whole anime. I think they’ll be some “NOOOO!!!!”

    • Yay there will be two things to say now. Still though not good for blogging. I mean most of the series that I’m blogging have less than 50 words. What the hell’s gonna happen to this one?

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