Summer Season Rankings

Time to find the best, the worst, and the moe.

High Tier:

Mawaru Penguindrum

A highly imaginative and surprisingly layered, Mawaru Penguindrum leads the new season of anime. Brains Base (studio) is collaborating with Sailor Moon, Utena director, Ikuhara sensei to make this series. So far the only thing I can give this series is praises. It’s just so. . . FABULOUS and AWESOME and just. . . HELLYEAH!

Usagi Drop

My most highly anticipated series this season, Usagi Drop doesn’t disappoint. While the art isn’t at Hourou Musuko level, Usagi Drop counts on the DAWWW and the realism. Like Hourou Musuko it shows some of society problems. Usagi Drop is showing how people would treat an illegitimate child. It was really DAWWW when Daikichi took Rin in because all of his family was being bitchy. The second episode was just wonderful. While I won’t be blogging this, I am definitely watching.

No. 6

Dystopia is an interesting concept to tackle and this is what No. 6 is presenting (Well besides the obvious fujoshibait). I could just see this series go crazy in the future episodes, with episode 2 revealing what the real world truly looks like. I’m very excited for this series.

Kamisama Dolls

This is reminiscent of Higurashi, with a secluded village hiding a secret and all and it’s really interesting. It’s fast paced and like No. 6, I could see this get crazy in the next few episodes.

Dantalian no Shoka

This is hands down the prettiest this season. Background art looks almost real and the action scenes are crisp. Plot-wise it’s like an Index-Gosick mesh but it’s actually pretty good. The two leads have an interesting chemistry (A lot more than Victorique and Kujo’s nyandering). I’m expecting a lot from this one.

It’s the only NEET thing to do

This is the mystery of the season. Mysteries really do follow the 1 Loli requirement huh? This series however has crisp dialogue and very interesting mysteries that don’t just get solved by handing the lead the script. Again I’m also expecting a lot from this one.

MOE in Paris

The MOE this season. It’s just so very DAWWWWW and MOEEEEE and I love every minute of what I’ve watched so far. And forgetting the Moe, it still has the interchange of different customs, culture and mannerism of both Japan and France. In a way its very educational.


Sacred Seven

While not exactly the best, it has a lot of really interesting concepts in it. Very rushed and unpolished, the one thing Sacred Seven has is the engagement. It’s never boring. It just chugs on the interesting concepts it has and you go “HAHAHA Lol that’s cool”.

Mayo Chiki

Full of reused tropes and tomatoes in the first few minutes of its first episode, it doesn’t mean this series is bad. Hell it’s fun! I would call it my guilty pleasure of the season. Konoe is just. . . MOEEEEEE. People should utilize their seiyuus more, I mean who knew Index’s voice could be this interesting?!?!?!

Baka to Test

While I do believe it will get better soon, the double outside of school episodes was a bit bland. It’s good for recap but so far, the awesome laughs I got from the first season aren’t there yet. Oh well at least I got to see all the guys turn into TRAPS.

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi

This show could be a lot better. I hate it that ZEXCS is using its “Turning everything into average” power. The plot is really good, though it has a problem of telling and not showing. It could get really interesting, but the PANTY FLASHES WILL SAVE ANIME is just. . . heh.

Low Tier


What happened?!!?!?!?! CLAMP WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT?


Well at least it didn’t offend me as much as A-channel did.


Well this season is 56 times better than last Summer Season’s. Last Summer the only series that I thought was good was High School of the Dead, Shiki and Occult Academy (The rest was mediocre to pure shit). Now there’s only BLOOD-C to disappoint. 2011 is a really great year so far.


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