Hanasaku Iroha – 16

Ren is so awesome lol

One thing I noticed from Hanasaku Iroha is how the feeling keeps changing. Yuina’s arc had quite a different feeling from this one. The drama is different. Do they hire different episode directors or something? Anyway it’s still a solid episode, now from the perspective of Enishi. They started focusing on the problems of Kissuiso itself, and putting up a movie was pretty far-fetched yet a good idea. There was some pretty awesome BGM especially near the end with Enishi and Takako, so I think this episode is pretty good.

You know what this series reminds me of? TORADORA. It has that engrossment feel that’s pretty rare from dramas and it keeps me guessing what happens the next episode. Well I still think its faraway from the likes of Toradora (I mean to be on PAR with Toradora would mean it being in my TOP 3 or something) but for what it is, I really like where Hanasaku Iroha is going.


2 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha – 16

  1. No, most likely it’s just the subject matter that changes how the viewers perceive the show. I don’t know how this relates to Tora Dora at all. Tora Dora was great…and Hanairo is something if not subpar.

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