BLOOD C – 02

Shove this in your-

Well at least it got a bit more bearable. . . A BIT. First of all, I finally get Saya’s battle strategy. She fights first, calmly but not with full power. The monster then overpowers her a bit, leaving it a bit open in which Saya can take advantage and attack on full power. Still though, weird choreography (there was one part I literally laughed). ALSO GODDAMNIT STOP SINGING MIZUKI NANA. I mean I know you’re a good singer and all but it makes the whole series feel all awkward. Even Saya admits it’s embarrassing. For the school life, COME ONE CLAMP WHY SO GENERIC? It’s like they copy pasted all the characters they knew and just pretend it’s a different character. UGH PLEASE BLOOD C. . . A bit more bearable then I’lll move this into the “not shit yet still pretty crappy” category.


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