‘Fest it up!

” ‘Fest it up!”

1st – 334 votes – Matsumae Ohana @ Hanasaku Iroha
2nd – 301 votes – Kotobuki Tsumugi @ K-ON!!
3rd – 285 votes – Last Order @ To Aru Majutsu no Index II
4th – 263 votes – Mine Riko @ Hidan no Aria
5th – 259 votes – Run @ A Channel
6th – 212 votes – Nanasaki Ai @ Amagami SS
7th – 190 votes – Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Hide Yoshino) @ Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox
8th – 172 votes – Agnese Sanctis @ To Aru Majutsu no Index II
8th – 172 votes – Wakura Yuina @ Hanasaku Iroha
10th – 157 votes – Sendou Erika @ Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku
11th – 145 votes – Nazuna @ Hidamari Sketch x β˜†β˜†β˜† Tokubetsu-hen
12th – 141 votes – Ritos Tortilla @ Shukufuku no Campanella

Matsumae Ohana of Hanasaku Iroha fame wins the fourth group convincingly with 333 points. K-On’s Mugi went for second and Index II’s Last Order snitched third. Rounding up the top five would be Mine Riko of Hidan no Aria and Run of A-Channel.

Ohana splashed the season with a convincing win proving Hanasaku Iroha as a powerhouse in this tournament. K-On did as expected but in Last Order’s case, she proved the franchise good with her nicely won third place. Hidan no Aria seems to be hiding something; Rie v5.0 will probably on her way to destroy the competition while A-channel goes for mid-tier as expected.

Comments: Whew OHANA SO HOT! Nice win Ohana, nice win. Amagami SS did poorly, considering Nanasaki Ai was one of their main guns. I shouted for joy that A-channel got the dud but Index II is now on the point of weird. After Biribiri’s lukewarm performance, Last Order does outstandingly? Damn 2ch you pedophiles. well remembering last year’s preliminaries, Saki’s Nodocchi also got third, but then we all know what happened (The KugiRie killer). It’s kind of a low tier group so excitement isn’t as high.

Who will win the next round:

Hmmm…Kyouko’s looking good. . . there is Milky Homes and Rie v5.0

I’m calling Kyouko for first. Madoka Magica was scary on the third round. Aria on second. Holmes on third.


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