Steins;Gate – 16

No hope goiyz

A bittersweet episode, though it leans more on the bitter side. Oh god Daru really is Suzuha’s dad but his scene with her was really nice (with heartwarming bgm). It almost crushed my heart though that she failed (though fairly obvious) but at least the divergence meter change and Mayuri’s safe for now. SUZUHA RIP :(.

Just 😦 episode; I’m really sad for what happened to Suzuha.

EDIT 1: Oh my god where was Kurisu near the end?!? Since there was no John Titor in this timeline, OHMYGOD WHAT HAPPENED? Please don’t tell me they don’t know her and she now works for CERN. Oh god, oh god.


2 thoughts on “Steins;Gate – 16

  1. Nope I doubt that she went home. It was pretty ominous how she wasn’t there. They panned the angle in the last scene, emphasizing on how Kurisu was not there. Also if you think about it, the lab members are still supposed to be there. The divergence meter change quite a bit so expect a bit of a mindfuck next week.

    Or she really did went home; I highly doubt it though.

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