I mean think about it. Last year, the best anime was Railgun (I won’t come Cross Game and FMA because those ran for multiple seasons) and while I do think Railgun is a marvelous anime, personally there was no masterpiece created in 2010. This year kicked things off already with Madoka Magica.I have a personal sickness of winter seasons (there usually isn’t a lot of good series airing) but this winter season had about 4-5 series that I really liked.

This spring season kicked it up a notch. Ano Hana definitely surprised everyone (hey I haven’t ranked it in my Recommended list) and personally, I WAS BLOWN AWAY WITH IT. There’s also two other anime that is currently airing that I’m almost prepared to give a higher rating than Ano Hana; Nichijou and Steins;Gate. Nichijou presented a different type of comedy that I fell in love with and Steins;Gate just chugs off the PLOT.

This summer season has a lot of promise too. There’s Ping Duramu, Usagi Drop, No. 6, and Kamisama Dolls. Given time, some of this series can emerge as masterpieces (particularly Ping Duramu)

THIS FALL THOUGH IS ONE OF A KIND. I see three series that could just blow away the anime fandom. The first one is Ben-to(YES I’M HYPING IT) which has gotten nothing but good reviews based on the few people that read it. The second one is ufotable’s Fate/Zero. It’s hard not to get excited about this. ufotable raised the bar in animation with it’s Kara no Kyoukai movies; I expect much of the same with Fate/Zero. The third one is Guilty Crown. People are already calling it the lovechild of Code Geass and Death Note and it hasn’t been aired yet.

Those are just the ones I’m completely excited about. The trend this year is for certain series to just pop up out of nowhere and surprise you. If this year gets 2-3 series in my TOP TEN consider this year to become GOLD.


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