An analysis on fanservice

No pictures will be presented. I don’t wanna be caught as a pedophile.

Fanservice is something very abundant in anime. It’s usually something like panty-shots or clevage but here’s the thing. . . it’s not always bad. Here’s a few examples on how to do it right.


Examples: Saki, most Shaft series, Yosuga no Sora when they’re not having sex

These series exemplify in fanservice. They’re the epitome of fanservice. They show yet they don’t show. Saki is the most guilty of this. It’s almost illegal what this series is showing yet you can almost battle it out that they aren’t. The series show lots of skin, particularly on the legs but you really can’t say anything since they never really shown any panty shots. Same with most Shaft series. An example would be Bakemonogatari in which we’ve seen Hitagi change her clothes in front of Araragi, to the point that we’ve almost seen everything except the important parts; but when she’s dressed, she’s dressed. You won’t see no panties or anything. The technique Shaft uses greatly is the shadowing of the bodies; it gives more figure to the character. Same can be said with Yosuga no Sora; when they’re not having sex.


Examples: Saki, Lucky Star, K-On!

Most moe series have this appeal. If you noticed carefully, each character actually has been studied. Each character, physically, has this accessory or difference in clothing that makes them specifically HNGGG. Saki’s uses this a lot. Penguin under big boobs, long sleeves go beyond length, tying her hair showing her neck,etc. IT WORKS A LOT! K-On and Lucky Star uses the same technique. Ritsu’s headband: fetish. Yui’s socks: fetish. Twintails;twins: fetish. Glasses: fetish. I could go all day with this.

Da Blush

Examples: Saki, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Blushing of certain body parts is a good thing. It really exemplifies the HNGGG ness. Erio wouldn’t work without her knee blushes; as well with Saki. If you noticed in Denpa Onna, most of the time their characters have red fingers. You’d think it’s normal but it’s definitely fanservice. Saki started this (or at least popularize it), I believe. Knee-blushes ARE THE BEST!

Playing on Fetishes

Examples: Amagami SS, Yumekui Merry, KissxSis

Each arc of this series; EACH ARC!!! has a fucking different fetish. Wether it’s knee kissing, navel por, tentacles, ramen porn, fats; in a way Amagami is unique. Yumekui Merry isn’t a fanservice series but Merry’s navel almost made it into one.


Panty flashes: Most of Xebec series; some of JC Staff’s


Show the boobs: Most Xebec series again, Yosuga no Sora

Either leave it to the Bluray version or just make FUCKING PORN

Badly made Harems: Most Xebec series

Moe is the new harem. If you wanted to showcase girls, just fucking delete the guy already; it’s not like he has a personality anyway.



So this is my badly made view on fanservice. DO IT RIGHT OR JUST MAKE FUCKING PORN.


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