Kamisama Dolls – 04

Kuuko’s awesome

I think Kamisama dolls suffer from “Side characters are a lot more interesting” syndrome. Aki’s already fucking epic but now we have Kuuko, who’s almost blushing of excitement about the”scarecrows”. She’s an awesome character. Well I guess Utao does deliver the occassional moe. Plot-wise, this episode even puts more depth and interesting-ness to the plot. Oh god what if next episode we discover the vilage’s cloning or something.

Oh yeah if I haven’t mentioned it, I LOVE KAMISAMA DOLLS.

PS. I don’t think the animation is THAT bad. Sure it isn’t Brains Base’ best but it doesn’t look horrendous as people are mentioning. One thing it does have is a more vibrant palette. I guess if one has a tight budget, things can look better with colors.


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