Steins;Gate – 17


It seems that the plan of this series is to re-engineer their plot one by one. Oh god I can just see the finale, revolving around episode 1. . .it could just be batshit epic. Feyris story was very dawwwwww. I like how she wasn’t selfish and even decided to give up her father for Mayuri’s sake. Feyris, you’re a noble one. Also it seems that she can remember other world lines as well, she can be an even more integral part of the story. In terms of emotion’s sake though, last episode did it to me since I see Suzuha a lot more than her. I even got a bit teary-eyed when Feyris’ father mentioned her. SUZUHA WE WILL ALL REMEMBER YOU.

So now it’s time for Ruka and how she managed the hell she managed to change genders.

PS. Lol at my post last episode. I was really panicking that Kurisu might have gone. I guess I read way too much between the lines.


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