El Psy Congroo – Analysis 01


Okay, so I rewatched Episode 1-3 and I found A LOT OF INTERESTING DETAILS.

First of all, the first half of episode 1 is completely pertaining to them saving Makise Kurisu. I’m almost sure we saw a world line transition in this episode. The mail Okabe sent to Daru about Kurisu’s death was apparently sent 2 weeks prior. I thought the series wouldn’t be able to answer how the first D-mail was sent but it turns out in episode 3, Daru put his phone on the Phone Microwave and got electricity. THAT’S HOW THE MAIL GOT SENT TWO WEEKS BEFORE!!!  I would assume Okabe 2 weeks prior the first episode, is the same one we know currently (Episode 17) and exactly how he managed to go there is quite a boggle. So we learn in episode 1 that CERN is trying to kill Kurisu; Okabe managed to save her using the D-mail.

Also, with that mail sent, Suzuha’s landing was completely different. We see her in the first half in the episode (there was a tremble in the building) safely landing into the current time. When Okabe sent the D-mail though, it must have interfered into her landing, causing Suzuha to crash. Oh god. . .

This would explain Okabe’s question in Episode 1 & 2 on how his memories are inconsistent. He moved world lines. Also we should assume that the crap Okabe’s spouting all the time is true. There is an evil organization; there is such a thing as Steins;Gate. If you listen to what he says clearly in the first three episode, you see A LOT OF FORESHADOWING. Also most of what he said is true.

There’s also the issue on the television thing; LOTS OF FORESHADOWING. I think Daru mentioned on how creepy it would be if they were the ones in the monitor being watched. Let’s check Episode 12. . . yup that’s correct.

One more thing; there was a small premonition in episode 2 that we saw in episode 12. 8 minutes into the episode or something, Mayuri passed her plastic bag to Okabe and in a small second, the ominous scenery in the first few minutes in Episode 12 wherein Mayuri mentioned about the 70 million years thing, appeared. WOW.

Again Steins;Gate is a completely, fully prepared show with a complete grasp with its plot. Another analysis will come after Okabe undo Ruka’s D-mail.



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