Reminds me of  Utena outlines 

A very interesting episode. It’s starting to form the ritualistic episodic nature (STAR DRIVER, Utena) and I like the grove I’m getting into with this. Learning from watching Utena, no one’s nice. Everyone’s hiding something . The nice blonde actress isn’t as nice as she is, Ringo is hiding a lot even though the guys know her true nature, I’m pretty sure Tabuki-sensei is hiding something too (given how he’s shown in the OP). We haven’t touched the meat yet, but we’re getting there, and at least with Ping Duramu, the creators know how to make a good introduction without going all bat-shit crazy (unlike a certain CLAMP original anime which did things poorly even with crazy being put in).

I’m very excited where this is heading. The series has a very solid start, I just can’t wait til the plot kicks in.

Now let’s all pronounce Destiny in a monotone scary voice.


2 thoughts on “PING DURAMU – 04

  1. Still disappointed with the lack of SEIZON SENRYAKU, but whatever. Hopefully, with that ending the story will now move in a interesting direction.

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