Uncurrency Anime – Revolutionary Girl Utena

Kashira Kashira, Gozonjikashira!?!?

That’s a very weaboo statement so forgive me. Well it’s time to review Revolutionary Girl Utena!

Well as the name states, the anime is quite revolutionary. I’ve heard a lot of comparisons with this and Star Driver, but it really seems that Utena is the gay mother of Star Driver. More artistic, more creative, and more meaningful than our Mecha Flambouyance of 2010. Not that Star Driver is any bad, but hell this is just WAY BETTER! I think the only thing Star Driver has Utena beat is “Monochrome” but Utena walking the stairs/taking the elevator came really close.

One thing to note about Utena is that it tackles quite a number of relationship taboos. Yuri is very much the prevailant theme, the whole series revolves around Utena becoming a prince or if she’s rightful of being one, seeing as she is a girl. There’s also themes of incest, the second most prevailant theme. We have Touga and Nanami, a more not so serious incest, Miki and her sister, a more close-relationshiped one, and Himemiya and Akio, the one that can eat you alive. It was pretty clear when Akio came to the picture than there was something wrong happening with Himemiya, but OH BOY DID IT GET REALLY. . . IFFY. A love triangle that goes in all ways?!!?!? Also, I could hardly see Utena and Akio’s relationship to be normal anyway, so the whole love triangel thing is screwed. But yeah these are the themes one encounters in this series.

Artistry and creativity is the thing that catches everyone attention when watching the series. It’s even more attacking than Shaft’s Bakemonogatari (well I still prefer Bakemonogatari in terms of art) and the meaning and symbolisms of the different objects and artistry are abundant. Princes and princesses are technically the main theme, wether if one really is a prince, or if there are any prince at all, or the use of the Rose Bride. Castles, roses, coffins are also a big part in the meanign the series is trying to convey. I think the best line I heard in the series is “We’re all trapped in our own coffins” which really symbolizes our struggles, our pushes and pulls, our life.

Plot-wise the series has it in spades. It was very interesting where it was going. What was the whole point of a revolution, the whole duel thing, the end of the world. While I wouldn’t say I liked the ending, a lot of aspects of the series was answered. The only thing to really express the plot is by you yourself watching it. The series often uses repetition in which it almost become something you look forward too. Utena walking the stairs is almost always the highlight of the episode to me, not to say that the fights weren’t good because they were good. AS IN MEANINGFUL GOOD.

All in all, its a series to watch by all generations. Its a very old series and I must say, it still looks pretty good, considering how old it is. The series is something that completely appealed to my tastes and Revolutionary Girl Utena will definitely get a high score from me.

Execution: 38/40

Engagement: 27/30

Characters: 19/20

Production: 9/10

Overall: 93/100 (OLD MASTERPIECE)



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