Saimoe: HOT OR NOT

Now that Round 1 is about to start, its time to analyze which is hot and which is not in this years Saimoe.

A Certain Magical Index: HOT
So I heard something about Quality and Quantity. While some aces did perform below the expected, Index II is still poised to pack some punch this year.

A-Channel: Medium-hot
So I heard Tooru can do late night finishes. . . Besides her, the rest of the team was pretty lukewarm.

Amagami SS: Not
One must admit, their performance was pretty disappointing considering they were one of the most popular series in Summer/Fall 2010.

Angel Beats: NOT
They failed so badly I foot-palmed (Is that even possible?)

Ano Hana: Medium-hot
They didn’t do as bad as I thought they would. Still lukewarm though.

Astarotte’s Toy: HOT
Astarotte cleaning up Mio in Group 9:chceck

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko: VERY HOT
Besides Madoka and Oreimo, Denpa Onna’s Erio did outstandingly though finished second to a PM. But still, a very high-tier series.

Milky Homes: Medium Hot
Kokoro won a group, Sherlock not bad.

Dog Days: Low Fire
They started dying after Millhiore won.

Dragon Crisis: NOT
Rose getting third in a low-tier group, tied with a side cahracter.

Dream Eater Merry: Low Fire
Merry won’t eat anything.

Gosick: HOT
Victorique performed spectacularly against a Puella Magi, though falling short by 1 vote. Still High tier though.

Hanasaku Iroha: VERY HOT
Ohana did splendidly; even Nako managed to grab a win.

Hidamari Sketch: Medium low fire
They always disappear in the prelims, landing somewhere I don’t care about though they always manage a lot of wins.

Hidan no Aria: HOT
Aria did spectacularly against a PM. Others didn’t do so bad.

Infinite Stratos: Medium-hot
Some characters performed underwhelminglt but Char did win a group.

They lost a lot of steam from last year, being a returning champ and all, but they’re still someone to beat.

Kore Wa Zombie Desu ka?: NOT
They did so badly, I cried. Eu ;__;

Negima: NOT
Wow only one character.

Nichijou: Medium-fire
Very biased but Nano did perform better than expected.

Ookami-san: NOT
Forgotten before it even has a chance on Saimoe.

Ore no Imouto: SUPER HOT
They blazed preliminaries with Kirino and Kuroneko getting fine wins. Manami bested Yui Hirasawa. They’re so perfect for Saimoe its annoying.

The performed so brightly that it brought me to tears of joy. Homura, you really made Madoka into quite the powerhouse.

Seitokai Yakuindomo: NOT
Sorry goiyz, no win from this perverted shit

Shakugan no Shana: HOT
The flame is still burning even after five years. The only veteran that won a prelim

Sora no Otoshimono: Low-fire
Like Hidamari Sketch, they disappear somewhere in Saimoe but they end up winning a few rounds.

Squid Girl: VERY HOT
Set to invade round 1.

Steins;Gate: HOT
Kurisu really proved to be quite the ace dancing with Kirino, Saten and Azusa and ending up second. Kurisu’s already poised for Block Finals. Mayuri bested Yui Hirasawa.

Strike Witches: Medium-fire
Considering they aired a year ago, they’re performing like its 2009. They did horribly in 2009 though.

The World God Only Knows: Medium-fire
Well Elsea did win a group.

Tiger and Bunny: NOT
They did amazingly in Prelim 2 but that’s prelim 2 not prelim 1.

To Love Ru: Low-fire
No Yamikan this year. BOO.

Valykria Chronicles: NOT
Isara Gunther makes it but not Alicia. HAHAHAHA.

Hourou Musuko: NOT
Awesome prelim 2 results.

Yosuga no Sora: Medium-Hot
Sora could beat some upper echelons. Twincest FTW.


Round 1 is today. Make sure to vote for the right character.


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