Saimoe Wars 2011 – Episode 3 (8/18/11)


1st 328 Victorique De Blois @ Gosick
2nd 177 Nagi @ A Channel
3rd 88 Chihiro Kosaka @ The World God Only Knows


1st 294 Miya Tachibana @ Amagami SS
2nd 135 Carina Verritti @ Shukufuku No Campanella
3rd 109 Ume @ Hidamari Sketch


1st 242 Tooru @ A Channel
2nd 229 Ricotta Elmar @ Dog Days
3rd 133 Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke @ Strike Witches
Rout: Victorique pretty much did as expected proving her status as a higher tier character.
Rout?: Tachibana Miya did spectacularly and also ended up routing. A potential threat to Kurisu? Her opponents are too easy though.
Rush Hour Spectacle: Tooru repeats her amazing rout again, though as A-channel’s ace, the need to do so over a non-ace on the same tier series proves her vulnerability. Then again, a win is a win.
Moving on…
Prediction: Chaos, Makise Kurisu, Lotte
Picks: Karina, Kurisu, Jun
*Currently Kurisu’s fluctuating. Another assasination?!!?!?

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