Saimoe Wars Episode 5 (Also a commentary on the Kurisu’s match)


1st 297 Sui Shijima @ Hanasaku Iroha
2nd 265 Hibiki Houjou @ Suite Pretty Cure
3rd 138 Charlotte @ Puella Magi Madoka Magica


1st 322 Tsukasa Ayatsuji @ Amagami SS
2nd 288 Sora Kasugano @ Yosuga No Sora
3rd 104 Ieyasu Tokugawa @ Sengoku Otome ~Momoiro Paradox~


1st 330 Lingyin Huang @ Infinite Stratos
2nd 245 Shino Amakusa @ Seitokai Yakuindomo
3rd 110 Kanako Sasa @ Wandering Son
POLITICS (Episode 4 and 5):
Rush Vote Wonder: Kurisu proves how magnificent Rush Voting is. Her edging Ai was quite inspiring to watch. Her high status in the prelims really did prove to bite her in the back, but she was strong enough to stand still unlike Homura (though Homura HAD the tougher battle; Mikoto’s in it to win it).
Rising Amagami: Amagami gets 2 out of 3 characters so far in the tournament. Would’ve been 3 if Ai made it. Tsukasa’s win is quite wonderful, with the use of heavy fake votes. This is another reason why one should never trust Preliminary Rankings.
Tacticians: If one doesn’t trust Amagami’s power however, you could always say that Block A is being controlled by Raildex tacticians. With Miya-Ai split, Itsuwa would easily top as winner and make it to Block Semis. Also they would be able to assasinate Kurisu, one of the 5 monsters in Block A (Mikoto, Homura, Victorique, Kurisu, Lotte). Well thank god Kurisu’s popular enough to push through.
Failure in sight: Charlotte and Sora not winning (inflated Prelim ranking??) just proves how useless the ranking is. Ohana’s grandma (2nd prelimer) manages top spot while Charlotte is last. Sora had way too many fake votes so voters got a bit lax.
Rie faction: While people would like to contest that there is no such thing as a Rie Kugimiya faction, I would like to believe that there is.Lotte’s win is so Rie Kugimiya like, its sickening.
All is planned: Maybe Angel Beats just wants to troll or something in Block B since they are left to die in scraps.
Next Episode:
Prediction: Shiori, Merry, Suzuha
Picks: Haruna, Merry, Suzuha

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