Uncurrency Blogging: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – PART I (1-14)

After days of preparation, I can finally post this. Fullmetal Alchemist was already one of my favorite series and when Brotherhood came to the picture last year, everything the series did hit all my vital spots. My goosebump meter reach places no other anime did. Brotherhood skyrocketed into my TOP 5 Anime because of that. After a while though, I started wondering why I liked it so much, and here I am rewatching the whole 64-episode debacle.


Episode 1: ♥♥♥

Great introductory episode to the series. Since I’ve seen the series already, I love the little hints and clues being given here and there. Also the introduction of the many characters was breathtakingly amazing. The last scene with King Bradley is still as creepy and awesome as hell.

Episode 2: ♥♥♥♥♥

It’s the benchmark of the series. It’s how Ed and Al came to be, how all the angst and drama started, how the main heart of the series developed. The series revolves around this episode. How Al lost his body, Ed lost his arm and leg, the limits of alchemy, how one can neer make another human being. Fantastic episode.

Episode 3: ♥♥

A bit of a step back from episode 2 but nonetheless good. It questions the existence of God and tackles Aetheism. A very touchy topic indeed, but its handled very well showing the different sides of the spectrum (though the villain was fucking lame; well he’s supposed to be) and the last scene with Rose was goose-bumpy. “You have your own two legs you know” (did it went like that). Direction was a bit weird this episode with all those halving panels and all.

Episode 4: ♥♥♥♥

I love this episode. The reason in why I love FMA so much is because of this. A complete throwback from last episode, here we’re shown how one shouldn’t mess with life. Tucker’s point of view, telling the brothers how when there’s an option it should be tried, was a complete hit to the face to the brothers. Also Scar starts appearing him, showing a twisted side of God’s worship. Like this season’s Mawaru Penguindrum, FMA is truckload heavy with POVs and beliefs. Just how fucking good is Arakawa sensei?!!?!

Episode 5: ♥♥♥♥

Again, AMAZING. The layers of this series is just so thick. Okay I do get this is just copypasta from the manga, but nonetheless the story is fucking awesome. Here we’re shown the brothers contemplating on the outcome of last week’s episode and suddenly it gets messy as Scar tries to kill them. They got torn into pieces really easily, showing a stark difference in power/level of preparedness. One could say they really are still in shock over the events, therefore getting torn to pieces. Mustang was useless. It shows Ed and Al’s strong bond, and this just determined them more to get their bodies back.

Episode 6: ♥♥♥

A more laidback episode, with a little bit of pacing-issues. Marcoh was just way out of place, finding him outside the train way too coincidently. Well sometimes life is like that and FMA has a lot of these moments. Anyway in Winry’s side of the story, the awesomeness is back again. We get to know more about the brothers again, increasing their character while making the world of FMA larger. I still lol’d how Winry forgot that one screw.

Episode 7: ♥♥♥

Dead-end guys. Or at least is seemed to be. A big spoiler on the philosopher stone (THEIR MADE FROM HUMANS OOPS I SAID IT) but it seems the more important part here is the increasing doubt on the military. Now this will definitely throw things into chaos since the series revolves around the military. Admittedly though this ain’t my favorite arc in the series but at least Barry got introduced here.

Episode 8:♥♥♥

The fight scenes looked a bit lazy here (lots of speed lines) but well its still BONES and its still looks better than other series around. The more important part here is the increasing ominousness in the “homonculus (*gasps) with them suddenly popping out and killing “no. 48” and destroying the building. There’s something were not supposed to know and goddammnit FMA knows a good buildup.

Episode 9:♥♥

One of my least favorite FMA episodes, I guess siblings fighting just hits me too close to home. But nonetheless it doesn’t take the awesome storytelling and character developing this series is good at. I quite love Winry here, she’s a real friend to these guys. It also shows how the brothers really do love each other. I dawwed near the end.

Episode 10:♥♥♥♥

Damn that’s what I’m talking about FMA. Continous buildup in the military’s fishiness and OMG HUGHES DIED! (haha lol spoiler). It’s not 5 hearts because the original FMA”s version was a bit better. This one still was more story focused and revolved a bit more on Mustang. The heart is still there though and that’s what I  want.

Episode 11:♥♥♥

I don’t like Paninya and it felt a bit of a copout with her suddenly realizing she doesn’t have to steal (you can do better than that FMA) but the rest of the episode was a hit to the bone. It kinda brought tears to my eyes on what was written in the locket. Dammnit FMA why so dramatic and hitting the right ducts for water to flow in my eyes.

Episode 12:♥♥♥♥

I love Izumi. She’s one of my favorites in FMA, really. The story of the brothers in the island is quite unique, even in the original FMA I was quite taken aback with this. But the real meat in this episode is Izumis’s story. Like master, like student. Again FMA why do you punch the right ducts in my eyes so that water can flow?!??!

Episode 13:♥♥♥♥

Time for Guuureeedo. We finally get some kind of explanation on what the hell a homonculus is. I guess the answer is “there is no way there is no way”. Its quite a paradoxical quote but it does answer the question of their existence. Okay time for teh shit

Episode 14:♥♥♥♥♥

This is the episode in which the original and Brotherhood splits. King Bradley just oozed of bad-assedness. His action scene was quite something (definitely sakuga) and the introduction of FATHER is quite epic. Best episode in these introductory first cour episodes.


The first cour of the series deals with basically the same thing as the original until it splits off. There’s lots of similarities and differences; also things the first series does better and this. But one must remember, this is the one completely based on Arakawa-sensei’s manga, so in however you felt in the ending of the first series, you won’t see it here. The first cour is a big buildup to the grander scheme of things in the series. It plants seeds of doubt in many characters, building different characters of the series for the next cour.

Okay, I can’t say anything anymore. I FUCKING LOVE FMA.


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