Saimoe Wars 2011 – Episode 8 Preview

It’s very hard to keep up with Block B since it is a pretty sucky block but I do have to comment on Ryuushi’s super mega fabulous win that might just lead her to win the whole Block. She styled magnificently and managed to get a 60% of the votes.

So now to the highly anticipated loser match.

This match somehow states who the winner of Block B will be. We have to moderately popular characters that have lost a lot of steam since last year. One is Mugi. Her situation is very understandable. She comes from a series that already has a champion. K-On’s popularity will definitely fluctuate because of this.

The other is Kanade. Pegged early in 2010 to become the champion, this definitely retaliated when she lost to the rising Yamada Aoi of WORKING!! in group finals. Now she even lost to Nako who isn’t even HanaIro’s ace.

Still though, this Block is very weak. They can definitely take advantage. I do forsee Kanade winning this match so we’ll see.

For the other matches, I predict Riko of Hidan no Aria and Mio Sakamoto of SW to win.

Picks: Mugi, Tomonori, Yuuko

Prediction: Kanade, Riko, Mio


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