Frustrated over Saimoe 2011

RIP Sawako. 😦

Lately Saimoe’s been on a slump. Yes, we all know its been on the slump since 2008 but the downward spiral is getting worse. We can pass it up to 2ch downtime and all, but I’m not liking these 300-400 vote matches. Its way too low. Its like we’re back in 2005 or something. Maybe I’m just frustrated on how these xenophobe leaders keep blocking us gaijin from voting.

Besides that, there hasn’t really been any eye-popping matches since the first day. Kanade’s match went on a rout, Madoka didn’t even reach 300 votes and the close matches go below 200 votes which is really lame. Maybe its just R1 dilemma, last year had this problem too, and it might get better later on, but right now its just DEPRESSING.

So we got past the B an C blocks where there’s no excitement abound, why the votes still oh-so low in D. LO barely got 200 votes and by the looks of this match, even though it is interesting, the vote totals are just low.

LOW LOW LOW LOW! And Sawako lost to fucking Laura Bodewig. How the hell is Sawako less moe-er than that IS freak! I fucking hate Infinite Stratos if you didn’t know, and while I do get Sawako is just a 2nd Prelim-er, it just adds to the bitter flavour Saimoe has right now for me.

Right now I’m just waiting for Denpa Onna’s match with Char. Now that’s interesting shit.


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