How Blood C Completely Fails as an Anime

I think I have expressed my deep hatred for Blood C, an anime which is produced by IG and with heavy CLAMP involvement. Here’s an analysis unto why.

1st: Storytelling and Characterization

This Anime completely offends writing skills with its inability to tell a story properly. The first 3-4 episodes were boring copypasta high school life combined with a totally out of place action in the second half. It started off in a really wrong foot with CLAMP boringly introduces boring characters with boring antics. They’re not developed at all. I understand artistic freedom and shit, but I guess it really doesn’t appeal to me.

There is this thing in writing that is called “False sense of security”. I don’t know if CLAMP forgot about this technique or something, but it would have helped tremendously in the beginning. What I mean is, instead of telling us how boring their lives are by presenting it boringly, why not execute a show with interesting characters that are not copypasted and show their different lives in a not boring way. It’s not intruding the fact that we have to know its boring so why not do it. Then afterwards deliver a “BANG!” that will shock everyone.

I’m not a writer but I’m not stupid enough to say that Blood C’s writing is shit.

2nd: Lack of Excitement

This comes with the boring-ness of it all. I’m NOT motivated to watch this. Yes, I saw the twins die, but did I fucking care about them in the first place. NO. OH CLAMP why do I not care about these people?  You know a series is bad when the only excitement I got is when the dog turned out to be Watanuki.

3rd: Stupidity

No. NO. NO. NO! Don’t even tell me this series is smart. Everything is so stupid, the high school setup, the action scenes of the first few episodes, Saya, SAYA, SAYA! Oh how do I even begin with her. I know CLAMP loves a Mary sue character. I love Dobato and TRC Sakura, but Saya is just. . . unexplainably stupid! And she also gets in my nerves when out of nowhere she just. . .SINGS! I love Nana Mizuki and all BUT I DON’T LOVE SAYA.

Well that’s about it. I hate Blood C, I HATE IT.


2 thoughts on “How Blood C Completely Fails as an Anime

  1. I couldn’t watch beyond the first episode.. Orz I was so tired, so unbelievably exhausted just from the effort it took to watch through that one single episode.. I mean, why? Why would they do that? I loved Blood+ reasonably well, and I just can’t take it that they would do this after that.. T_T

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