Saimoe Wars 2011 – Episode 16 Proper Post


Political Yaddayadda:

Successful fake vote tactic: The urgency of the K-On fans to vote lessened when they were fooled of Mio’s early vote counts. True enough, Mio was very far from Ika-chan causing a real invasion type win.

Styling: While the heated (not really) match of Ika-Musume was going on, we have a strong contender on the other side of the spectrum, in the form of Yuno. She really styled her match and I’m pretty sure no one really noticed. This is what HidaSketch always does. Win without getting noticed. Though this is the reason they were never considered a strong faction to begin with.

Effect of being assassinated: I’m pretty sure Mio has a lot of fans. It’s just that her Saimoe Career started horribly in 2009, being assassinated by Bossu. In 2010, she was just bused in the Azu-Biri match in round 3 which is pretty sad.  Her potential never really came to be.

Next match preview:

Episode 10 is back after being postponed for a few days. My prediction would be Mio, Chizuru and Menma while my picks would be Tomoe, Chizuru and Menma.


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