Saimoe Wars 2011 – Episode 17 Preview

Erio VS Charlotte match!!!

Ultimately this is Erio’s match. She looks better in her Preliminary round (Even though Char got 1st Place) but she’s on the downside today because her mother’s in the match too. Now they can’t pull off what Toradora did in 2009 simply because there’s not enough time for preparation (Pulling off assassination stints and all) and Char isn’t exactly weak.

Also we have Uiharu versus that Akari girl who tried to oust Nodoka in Round 1 last year. It was an ultimate fail anyway, but her votes weren’t trolling at all and at one point, Nodoka was really losing (after that match though she obliterated everyone and reached Semi-Finals). Anyway Akari should assasinate Uiharu here (If Railgun tacticians are smart enough) so that Saten can have a chance of beating Sayaka in Round 2. It’s all tactics we need now.

The third match, I don’t give a fuck since Msyu sucks.

Prediction: I’m thinking Charlotte. Oh yeah also UIharu and that Ochiinko girl.

Picks: I’m a big Charlotte fan but I want to see Erio win so I’m picking Meme (lolwut). Also Akari (I want to see Saten advance) and no one in the third.


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