It’s not alpha, not beta, but STEINS;GATE!

Now how the hell is that gonna happen?

1 more episode left and I’m about to cry. And it doesn’t help that this episode is so amazing. It completely on how the plot revelations were so well together, I could not find a plot hole. Not that I was looking for that, but this is what I want from my animu. A story that’s planned from beginning to end, no making stuff up along the way *wink wink Ao no Exorcist*. This is why I also like Madoka Magica so much.

Also, I can’t believe how I did not see that plot twist with who killed Kurisu. Everyone was so hell bent including C/SERN in that none of realize realize it was just his dad. Now let me here an “AWESOME PLOT DAMMNIT”.

Rewatch Episode 1 again. I for one will rewatch everything once this ends. Might’ve missed a few details here and then.

El Psy Congroo.

. . . Why is this anime ending huhuhuhu.

Rating:♥♥♥♥♥ (Perfect huhuhu. Maybe I’ll add one more heart next episode even though the limit is 5 hearts)



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