Saimoe Wars 2011 – Block E Madness.




Madness indeed.

If you thought Block A was pretty nasty, with Homura losing to Mikoto and all, check out this Block. We got 2-3 assasination attempt, 3-4 really close matches, 2 upsets, 2 rising stars, 1 monster.

The Block started off smashingly with Erio vs. Char with Meme handicapped. Actually all 3 are completely capable of winning 2-3 matches yet they are all tied down together. Worse is that Meme and Erio are in the same group which gives a disadvantage. Well it didn’t, but Erio still lost. But only for about 20+ votes.

On the other matches that day, we had two even more exciting thrillers. Uiharu gets another nailbiting match, this time though her on the winning side. An attempt to assasinate her (Akari was used the same way a year ago) was hold off, I don’t know if its for the better or not. Next Round she battles Sayaka and Saten- ouch. The other one was Yukikaze of Dog Days racing through the final hours and winning her match by 3 points.

A quiet day this time, but it was shocking to see Yami actually on third for a few hours. Saten-san routed. She now has round 2 with Uiharu and Sayaka. That hurts.

On the third day, we have 2 giants, Ohana and Sayaka. They don’t fight head to head, but Yuina is fighting Sayaka and combos might do some help for her. In the match, Yuina suddenly gets quite a vote spike which turn out to be fakes. Sayaka still won, fakes or no fakes. Scarily, even with Ohana comboing with Yuina, Sayaka still gets the higher number of votes.

On the last Block E day, we see Yui and Azusa get upstaged by Minami and Hacqua. Rising stars indeed. Minami had quite the opportunity to be more developed in this season’s BakaTest and Haqua, even though finishing before Yui in the Prelims, beated Azusa fair and square.

Whew, now unto Block F. This is the Saimoe that I want, not the one I saw in Block B, C, and D.




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