Uncurrency Anime – Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko and Infinite Stratos

I just wanna merge these two since I don’t wanna make a full post of Infinite Stratos. So let’s get down to business.



Denpa Onna has a pretty much flawless execution. Sure we never really get to see the full story of Erio, but the series never really meant to after 5 episodes. I’m such a bitch to this series and even dropped blogging it, but after a few months of contemplating, I realized something. WHY THE HELL WAS I COMPARING THIS TO BAKEMONOGATARI? It was never in its level, nor tried to be. Denpa Onna was already good at what is does: telling life stories. Not to over-praise this series or anything, but I particularly liked the last arc with Yashiro, and her telling Niwa that there’s a chance for people to shine. It was just such a good emotional boost for me (Lol I marathoned it before studying for my exams) that I ended up really liking it.

INFINITE STRATOS on the other hand, was a mess. I cannot fathom the terribleness of its plot, more so its focus. I’m already okay with trashy harem animu, but this one couldn’t mix both that and mecha. I’m not gonna attack the harem part that much since I did enjoy the “Competition on who gets that dumb rock” and Charlotte’s entire arc, but seriously. . . the plot was TERRIBAD. I don’t wanna even talk about the last part with Houki. This wouldn’t be as bad if they just took out all the plot and became some high school harem with nice character designs, BUT NOOOO LET’S PRETEND TO BE SOMETHING MORE AND ADD PLOT. Ugh.

Winner: Denpa Onna


I wasn’t pretty into Denpa Onna after they stopped attacking Erio’s plot, but the ending really made up for it. I don’t know about you, but I was pretty moved when Niwa started shouting at Ryuu-ko in the basketball scene. The shiny people effect started make sense and I just went “daawwwwww that’s kinda cute” with the idea.

INFINITE STRATOS ON THE OTHER HAND. . . no I cannot get myself to really be in the series whit that abysmal plot in the way. UGH. Char’s awesome though and for a few minutes, I was pretty into the show when she’s around.


Denpa Onna has a bunch of weird characters but that doesn’t mean they’re unique or anything. Some examples would be Ryuushi who’s probably on the same stereotype as Minori from Toradora or Niwa being a Fail Kyon. But some characters really are unique like the deranged mom or Maekawa, actually even Erio’s pretty unique in a way. The cast isn’t as interesting as let’s say. . . Arakawa Under the Bridge, but they stand in their own right.

INFINITE STRATOS ON THE OTHER HAND, is just a bunch of mesh stereotypes made to talk. Except Char of course!


Denpa Onna is SHAFT. Very cute and detailed character designs, subtle but unique artistic quirks, Shaft headtilets. . . you kinda have the works here.

I would’ve said Infinite Stratos has high quality animation but GAAAAHHH THOSE ROBO CG BATTLES WERE TERRIBAD. Reminds me of Tiger and Bunny.

So time to judge!

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Execution: 36/40

Engagement: 25/30

Characters: 16/20

Production: 9/10

Rating: 86/100

Infinite Stratos

Execution: 25/40

Engagement: 20/30

Characters: 12/20

Production: 7/10

Rating: 64/100 (Lol worst review since Bakuman/Fractal)


4 thoughts on “Uncurrency Anime – Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko and Infinite Stratos

  1. >Denpa Onna has a pretty much flawless execution

    You’ll have to try much harder to convince me of that 🙂

    I’ll agree it was easily better the Stratos, but that doesn’t take much. Stratos just took the most basic, cliched harem base ripe for fanservice and tacked on a touch of mecha. Neither aspect was given any real respect. Denpa Onna might have been a snoozer with no real payoff, but at least it had some charming quirks and characterization to make up for it somewhat.

    • I did used to think that Denpa Onna was a snoozer, but for me that’s only because I kept comparing it to some other anime like Bakemonogatari. The second time I watched this though, the sense of comparison disappeared. I watched it and how it standed on its own right. And it really is a good emotional uplift for me since I was gonna take my exams after I watched this.
      Execution. . . I think I’m definitely gonna stand that its flawless. I realized that it did know what it was doing. I focused more in my first watch on the “who kidnapped Erio!” that I didn’t realize that they planned on focusing on the characters all along (which isn’t a bad thing).

      • Wow.. you gave it a second try, AND precisely when you were most receptive to it’s charms? Talk about lucky!

        Still, I wasn’t actively comparing it to other shows (I consciously avoid doing that). It just wasn’t as lucky in my case 🙂

        I might give it another shot eventually, especially if the rumor of the second season is true (that it may take a while to air).

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