Sankaku and ANN (Two sides of the anime fandom coin)

Sankaku Complex and ANN

Time to talk about the best of both worlds- I mean the extremes of those two. . . technically its just one world cut into two. An anime fan who lurks in the internet should at least know both of these sites, or one of them.

Sankaku is the trashiest anime news site I have ever seen. Don’t let your mom catch you looking at this site, or moreso your BOSS. But trashy doesn’t always equate to bad though. One thing Sankaku Complex wins at is the entertainment factor. It totally delivers. From the abundant Aya Hirano “scandals” to China being a “quality” country (not insinuating anything but. . .) to 2ch reactions to certain questions, its just a ball of fun. . . SOMETIMES.

It gets tiresome after a while though. The tone of the author is almost too sarcastical most of the time (The trying to be a news reporter except lolread what’s written), its those its funny at first but ehhh. The commenters are worse. Its like 4chan down there except without the noobs. Its nice to go there once in a while though.

ANIME NEWS NETWORK on the other hand is the most trustworthy site you can go to for anime news. It really is like a newspaper, except everything anime related is there. You find useful stuff like Anime announcements, manga/dvd sales, TV ratings, even interviews from the anime makers (They interviewed one of the guys who worked for Madoka Magica). It’s probably a big company so everything there is official. Also its a good place for some foreigners who like anime.

But the people there are. . . ugh. Not trying to be mean or anything (actually) but almost everyone in that site are smart-asses, elitists, loathes on people who don’t pay for their anime, elitists, bitches, I cannot go on. You get some decent comment in a forum, you get a bunch of elitists who pronounce that there’s some anime better than that or “I’m not gonna watch that because I support the industry”, or “These people are thieves, watching online”. While its probably true, the more sickening fact is that most of them do watch online. I don’t even want to talk about the reviewers. . .PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH SOMETIMES.


Well that’s the gist of those two sites (for me). Its a heavily biased, full of rants and rages about two very influential sites in anime fandom. Everyone has faults to go with their pluses.

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4 thoughts on “Sankaku and ANN (Two sides of the anime fandom coin)

  1. Neither site nor 4chan encompass the fandom I would associate with, for that I go to the anibloggosphere, places like this that are discussing things they love.

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