Usagi Drop Manga

Oh my god I feel shameful.

I mean seriously. . . did they really have to put the incest/daddy complex/wahtever line there? The feeling became really different than when Rin was a child. Daikichi should have just adopted her. Well at least they did the entire thing without any sense of perversion. Actually the whole series is amazingly G-Rated if you don’t count the topics being tackled near the end. Though if I was Daikichi, I’d be totally awkward with what happened between him and Rin.

Rin should have just sticked with Kouki. IT WAS REALLY AWKWARD SEEING RIN FLUSTERED OVER DAIKICHI. Well, overall this manga is really REALLY good and a must read. Even those daddy complex parts that I felt awkward with was pretty good.

(Now I suddenly feel like I don’t want a sequel because that’s gonna be pretty bonkers. The sweet reflective mood the anime gave will be totally gone since the Time Skip was heavily Rin-centered than Daikichi)


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