No. 6 (END) – 83 points

An ending that doesn’t make sense is perfect for a series that doesn’t make sense.

Time to review No. 6, the BL anime of the season.

The series is about a guy named Shion who escapes No. 6 and is shown by his partner Rat the dystopian No. 6 he has been living on since his birth.

For the most part I kinda like it. Its overdramatic, ambiguous, and bombardastic, but in a weird screwed up way it works. If you want to see overdramatic, just go listen to the dogkeeper’s monolgues. If you wanted ambiguous, pay attention to the plot. If you wanted bombardastic, just look at the screen. I don’t really know what to say. It’s flawed but I love how its flawed (not in a hahaha that’s o funny way)

Execution is actually pretty good. It has a tight script, the story flows pretty smooth and there’s no wasted time. My only gist is that . . . yeah there’s not much episodes to properly tell the entire series (lol last episode was only 25% of the last LN). But considering that, I still understood the story somehow. Note somehow.

If I can say I kinda like this series then I guess I can say its engaging. It has all the elements that would make it NOT ENGAGING but somehow it works.

The characters are fabulously overdramatic. But being overdramatic doesn’t make it bad. Somehow it works in the world of No. 6. I particularly like the dogkeeper. He keeps coming in out of nowhere, keeps on talking even though no one asked (Nezumi particularly said to him that line in one episode) but that makes him awesome.

Production values are top-notch. Thank Bones for the awesome production values. Oh yeah, the ED is probably one of the best I’ve heard this year.

Overall. . . I think its a good series that plays with its flaws pretty well. In the end they’re still flaws but somehow No. 6 was well-received. . . BY ME.


Execution: 33/40 (Considering its flaws. . . it’s actually not bad!)

Engagement: 24/30 (Considering its flaws . . . hahaha it’s still not that bad.)

Characters: 17/20 (Overdramatic but in a good way (lolwut))

Production:9/10 (Topnotch)

Overall: 83 (Good enough considering its flaws.)

Out of the three Noitamina sci-fi this year, this wins, hands down.


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