Saimoe Round 1 Overview

Who brought the house down and who whimpered?

A Certain Magical Index: GREAT – The faction had its ups and downs but Mikoto edging Homura by a mile is something no one expected and really just turns their the tide to their favor.

Major Players: Mikoto, Index, Saten

Strike Witches:GREAT – Somehow they’re a tad bit stronger than they were last year. Even the matches you wouldn’t think they would win, they won it.

Major Players: All of them? They’re all pretty consistent.

Infinite Stratos: FABULOUS – This one brought the house down after its terrible preliminary showing. Even I was surprised on how good they were this round.

Major Players: Charlotte, Cecilia

Detective Opera Milky Homes: GREAT – Just a really pleasant team since the Prelims.

Major Players: Kokoro

Amagami SS: GREAT – This is even more of an upstart than IS. Even Ai almost won her match with Kurisu. The tides are in their favor.

Major Players: Tsukasa, Miya, Haruka

Hidamari Sketch: GOOD – Consistent faction that you almost never notice.

Major Players: Yuno, Miyako

Madoka Magica: ULTRA-MEGA-FABULOUS – After Homura’s defeat, the Puella Magis started overpowering the competition with Madoka leading.


The World God Only Knows: GOOD – Hacqua manages to oomph Azunyan(tides wherein her favor), Elsie dominates. There’s also Ayumi and Kanon. They really managed to save face this round.

Major Players: Elsie, Haqua(if those weren’t tacticians voting her)

A Channel: GOOD – Balanced group. They managed to snipe Shana too which is a “Yay” for me.

Major Players: Tooru

Lotte no Omocha: GREAT – Tides are in their favor. Lotte is scary shit.

Major Players: Lotte

Oreimo: FABULOUS – After a terrible start with Manami losing, Kuroneko and Kirino sure showed everyone how powerful they are.

Major Players: Kirino, Kuroneko

Angel Beats: GREAT – Wow. After that HORRID round 1, they managed to pick themselves up somehow. Idk where Kanade got her 500+ votes.

Major Players: Kanade, Yui

Bakatest: GOOD – Well Minami and Himeji did get in. Plus, Minami managed to oust Yui.

Major Players: Himeji, Minami

Denpa Onna: BAD – Its not their fault. 2 of their major players where in the same match so yeah. 😦 there’s still next year though. Plus Ryuushi might take advantage of the situation in Block B. Same with Maekawa.

Major players: Ryuushi, Maekawa

Dog Days: BAD – Really. . . Milhi lost. HAHAHA.

Yumekui Merry: GOOD – Merry-Isana tandem is pretty strong.

Major Players: Merry, Isana

Hanasaku Iroha: GOOD – Wow I didn’t realize only Ohana and her grandma was left. Oh well Ohana is still a scary shit opponent.

Major Players: Ohana

Hidan no Aria: GOOD – Aria dominates, Hotogi ousts Nakochii.

Major Players: Aria

Hoshikaka: BAD – How did 2 charas get into round 2 again?

MM: GOOD – Nice win for Mio and that girl who ousted Ui.

Major Players: Mio

Nichijou: GOOD – Nano is their only important player. She did good though.

Major Players: Nano

Onii-chan koto: GOOD – Nice wins.

Steins;Gate: BAD – Kurisu almost lost plus Mayuri got ousted by Himeji. Things kinda look grimdark right now. Suzuha did good though (could take advantage of her weak block).

Major Players: Kurisu

To Love Ru: BAD – Well . . . at least Mikan is still winning.

Major Players: Mikan

Anohana: TERRIBLE – Who the hell loses to a 2nd Prelimer from Jewelpet?

Major Players: Menma

Fortune Arterial: TERRIBLE – Who expects anything from this show?

Gosick : FABULOUS – I must say. Victorique looked awesome in her match.

Major Players: Victorique

Jewelpet: GOOD – Almost ousting Uiharu, 2nd Prelimer beating a first (They were in the same group in the first Prelim), scary final rush votes. Otaku-crazed fandom. Well they are only one now.

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, Kore Wa Zombie Desuka, Mitsudomoe, Panty&Stocking, Seitokai, Sengoku Otome, Soremachi, Tiger and Bunny: WHO CARES YOU’LL ALL LOSE IN ROUND 2 ANYWAY.

Ika-musume: FABULOUS – Ika-chan looked great this round.

Major Players: Duh who else?

K-On: Just a few words for this faction that had all their characters fall  terribly. BOOHOOHOOO.

Well that’s a wrap. Hope you like my wall of text.


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