Usagi Drop (END) – 90 points

Its Bunny Drop Time!

Bunny Drop is about a 30-year old man named Daikichi who after some weird turn of events, becomes the guardian of Rin, a 6-year old who is by blood relation, his aunt. They start to live together, him raising her as a his child.

This series is so feel good. It does everything right for me to smile. It’s so cute. IT’s so DAWWWWWWWWWWWW. The realism can be seen. The elements of parenthood are there. Its almost the perfect “how to raise a 6-year old” show.

Execution is great. Its all laid out there. Starting with Rin being adopted by Daikichi, things really started shaping. It’s has quite a nice atmosphere wherein you can see how things grow slowly and how Daikichi and Rin’s father-daughter relationship develops.

I LOVE THIS ANIME. I think that explains how engaged I was to this series.

Characters are very realistic. Daikichi shows how his life changed when he met Rin. Rin herself is just the cutest little thing! Everyone in this show has a sense of nice-ness in them that I really like.

The production is pretty good. There’s not much to animate but its fairly flowy. Plus OST is good.

So rating time. . .

Execution: 36/40

Engagement: 28/30

Characters: 18/20

Production: 8/10

Rating:90/100 (Legendary Status)


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