Mawaru Penguindrum – 11

95 bottles of beer!, you take one down, pass it around-

Penguindrum’s in a roll with more plot revelations than ever. So when Momoka died, Ringo was born, but the reason for Momoka’s death is because of Kanba and Shouma’s birth. So who the hell got that? And there’s even Kanba and that Stalker girl with the cute penguin which I don’t know what the hell to make out of.

Project M = Project Momoka = Project Maternity = Project Mario = WTF?

As much as I’m confused with the recent turn of events, I can’t help but like this series more and more. The artistic direction started flaunting itself since Episode 9, and is really quite the visual candy. They toned down Ringo’s weirdness (People were seriously freaked out with her) and made her more. . . humanly I guess (it still goes in line with her character, its not like she changed or anything but we finally don’t have to see her putting frogs on Shouma’s bac- oh what the fuck am I talking about she fucking face planted herself with a frog this episode).

I’m beginning to think that Survival Strategy is more of just a symbolism in itself. It sort of dictates what the main character’s are supposed to do, kinda like Ringo’s diary. Even in today’s episode, its used to clear out Shouma and Ringo’s intention. That’s quite a genius idea in my opinion.



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