Stop being so objective all the time!

Sometimes, us critics (Us including me?) have a bad time in admitting that we like this certain anime. Why? Because, we can’t find anything good to write about it (objectively). Might it be some trashy fanservice show (To Love Ru), a rehash harem show, or a repeated formula shounen anime, sometimes we just don’t admit we like it.

For instance, take Bleach for example. It’s probably the anime I most fanboy’d about when I started watching anime itself, and now this is the only time I’ve ever mentioned about it in my blog. Why? For me its because its an anime that most bloggers bash since well, its an ongoing (2004) rehash shounen anime easily flamed and hated and I don’t really want any of that in my blog (mind you I haven’t watched Bleach since like 2 years ago). Plus, even I myself have to admit, all the bad things about Bleach (fillers, dragging after episode 60+, and plot started getting a bit to convulted for anyone’s taste) completely cancels out the good things about it (Rukia, Episode 1-64, some characterization, dark tone and setting in the first few arcs, just the plain coolness of it all) and in the end I can’t find a single thing to praise. But I like it, dammnit.

I don’t really know where this post is going but sometimes, DON’T BE TOO HARSH! If you like something, tell everyone you like it!. ON THE OTHER HAND, there’s a completely opposite spectrum of things. Those anime you pretend to like but really hate.

I’m not guilty with this at all, since I can perfectly say I don’t pretend to like any anime I don’t like. Some others, who can’t seem to fathom the popularity of a certain show, just go along with the flow and like it even though he/she doesn’t get it at all. I cannot fathom how people can still find things to praise about BLOOD C (Even in an interview with the director, he admits he has no control of anything) even though its amazingly terrible. There’s a lot more others too.

My ENTIRE point is, if you like something or don’t like something, ADMIT IT.


2 thoughts on “Stop being so objective all the time!

  1. Yeah…I think the only anime I’m only 2% ashamed about is azumanga daioh…which I really do think is one of the greats. Slice of life doesn’t get much better than that. Bleach, just like countless other “level-up” anime focuses on ascending, the 2-3 episode fight, story arc/diversion, finally finish fight, 10 episodes of filler, rinse and repeat. All I watch now is for new hollowfications & that’s it. It’s so boring watching everything else now. And naruto…omfg don’t even get me started. I tried my best watching the 1st anime & I wondered how in the living hell anyone could sit through it and think there was any sort of promise. Anime should be just like an interesting video game: good enough at the beginning to make you go, “oh dayammm! Lol that’s frickin sweet!” I feel like a lot of shows are ditching the epic first episode recipe, for deep story telling or the chance to develope – which sometimes works. But anyways, I agree with you, good post

    • I think we should all be open to what we really feel when it comes to anime. But you won’t get another Bleach related post here til like nevermore.

      And hey I liked Naruto for quite a long time until Bleach came (Wow this is kinda embarrassing). Couldn’t get through One Piece that much.

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