A pitiful attempt to make people comment

Bloggers must be really frustrated at times. I mean you get so much views everyday yet you only get 1-2 comments. People who read my blog (do people read my blog?), don’t be afraid to comment! I won’t bash you or anything (unless you like Blood-C) and I’d gladly appreciate any type of criticism/praise.

Hope this helps my comments count go higher(lolwut).


8 thoughts on “A pitiful attempt to make people comment

  1. Nope. That attempt won’t work. But I feel the same way. Though, with my ISSS, I was kind of away from everything for a few months, so now it’s almost like I’m just coming onto the scene again for the first time. Gotta re-build up the audience.

    • Well I just got quite a number of comments here so I think the post itself worked. But I know what you people mean that bloggers shouldn’t resort to do this. It’s just an experiment to see if it would work.

  2. Just a word of warning, complaining about the lack of comments is not a very good idea as it would turn off readers even more and make you look bad. Instead, you should write interesting posts that will give people the inventive to make comments. Try writing an editorial or opinion piece of some sort as these type of posts generates discussion.

    • No no, I do know that complaining like this wouldn’t work and I really just tried it as an experiment (and somehow it did work with this post). Though I do hope I didn’t get any kind of bad reputation of some sort.

      Thanks for the advice though :).

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