About Animation (You know, those drawings that move on TV)

There’s a recent hot topic in Animesuki about Hanasaku Iroha being “sterile” causing quite a debate on art and animation. I am quite firm on my grasp that Hanairo looks quite amazing, one of the best ones I’ve seen in recent times. But. . . I do get what the topic starter is saying.

Beautiful or Lonely?

Looking back at Hanairo (checked out some episodes), there is a point to why it would be called sterile. The argument was that Hanairo had way too many lone shots/backgrounds that’s just way too perfect to look like its in this world. There’s a point to it since PA Works uses a number of CGI techniques on its background. But saying it’s sterile is just going too detailed. If you watch Hanairo casually, you’d just go “Wow that looks nice”. You won’t notice that way too shiny CGI pole sticking out too much, and frankly Hanairo really does its best to make their CGI very seamless.

Noting on the animation itself whatsover, Hanairo still excels. Remember, PA Works (the production team of Hanairo) are professional animators/the best of the best. The movement of the characters in Hanairo is perfect. It really exhumes how a person would move in real life.

Then again, sometimes being too perfect is a bad thing (I don’t think so). There are some animation that truly excel in fluidity, some examples this year would be Anohana and Ao no Exorcist. The characters really move more than anything. The whole production really centralize on the character’s movement. Some of the best ones I’ve ever seen are K-ON!! (note the two exclamation marks) and CLANNAD (both by Kyoto Animation).

There’s also Sakuga to note. Sakuga itself, is animation done by one animator. ONE ANIMATOR. See animation is usually done by a team of people. Some would do the key frames, while the others do the in-betweens (to make it smooth). Western Animation usually completely abides to this rule. With anime however, there’s sakuga. With sakuga, creativity and style can really flow. Different techniques that cannot be done with many people are used here. Oh yeah remember that episode in Naruto where Sasuke and him had that awesome fight in the river. SAKUGA THE WHOLE EPISODE BROS.

My whole point is that- I don’t know what the hell was my point. I just wanted to share what little knowledge I have about animation. Correct me if I have some details wrong (though I’m sure I’m right) since I do want to learn and Animation is really quite a nice topic to talk about.

By the way if you ask me, everyone should just watch Nichijou. Probably the MOST visually stunning anime in TV in recent times.

So. . . yeah!

*I don’t want to mention SHAFT since that’s a whole different ballpark to talk about (literally cause they’re weird) 


4 thoughts on “About Animation (You know, those drawings that move on TV)

  1. It’s kind of interesting to parallel this to the golden age of animation, where fluid animation was king but they eventually went back to limited animation for a number of reasons.

    I don’t know if animation costs could be a factor this time, since it’s mostly CGI. But limited animation won for a while because people were happy with a stylized (not realistic) approach as long as the stories were good enough.

    At least, that’s my layperson’s understanding of it.

    • I’d rather think that CGI in Hanairo is more of being inventive rather than being cost-cutting. Plus they do it so seamlessly there its almost scary.

      For terribad CGI though, go watch C and Tiger and Bunny (nothing to do with the story itself).

  2. Glad to know Im not the only one that notice PA Works awesome backgrounds and animation. I just wonder where they are getting the funds to animate like that, its not like they have had any major hits have they?

    • Its CGI so its still technically a bit cheaper. Rather than a big budget, the PA Works studio consists of a bunch of veteran animators (they do the key animations on other shows before true tears) which would reason out its animation. Plus Pa Works only churn out one series a year, so they definitely have a lot of money. There’s also adding to the fact that Angel Beats! was quite a hit (25,000 copies per volume sold).

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