Subway Sarin Incident – Where Mawaru Penguindrum revolves

As stated in episode 12 of Ping Duramu, the parents of the siblings were terrorists. They apparently caused a train incident causing Momoka’s death. In relation to the Sarin Subway Incident, which happened 16 years ago, its a complete match (also adding to the fact that the subway in Penguindrum shows the number 95). And in that day itself, Kanba, Shouma, and Ringo were born.

Are we enlightened now?

So unto the Mary had a little lamb story, my take on it is that in atonement for the father’s sin on the Apple Tree (somehow the symbolism of him taking the apple (I take it as a symbolism of him having the ability to do what he did), is the sin itself or something) causes God/Fate to choose one of the sheep (Shouma, Kanba, Himari) to be cursed. In this case Fate chose Himari in which leads to her demise.

The meat though is how the hat, the pink hair guy, the bunnies (co-terrorists?), or even the stalker-girl and her brother relate to this. My guess would be that the hats are owned by those who got cursed/the terrorists’ children and that they are trying to find the Penguindrum (is it really the diary, is it?). The pink hair guy himself is probably fate.

So in the end it really twirls around on what happened on that day itself? I really have a new appreciation of Ping Duramu in this episode.


The non-intelligent part of this post:

OH MY GOD HIMARI DIED! :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


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