Phi-uny Brain

Besides another fail pun of mine, I think its safe to say that Phi Brain was very retarded. There’s actually quite a few reason to why it can be legitimately called “retarded”.

1. Sudoku Puzzles should be easy for puzzle-addicts. There’s no such thing as a puzzle that can be solved in a whole day!

2. I’m 100% sure the main character had no proof to his puzzle solving. . . hwo the hell do you know you’re supposed to go to that certain dead end anyway? No! Puzzles are to be solved by wit, not by “He is the chosen one” or “Because he’s a prodigy”.

3. I cannot fathom how a glowing band will suddenly make him able to choose the right rope to pull. If its logically challenging, ITS LOGICALLY CHALLENGING. Unless that band helps the main character move his eyes very fast to see where the rope leads, NO SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF will ever let me believe that shit.

4. The main character was definitely holding the script when solving.

Well it wasn’t THAT bad. It was just painfully retarded. I’m sure kids will enjoy this, but I’m very sure I won’t.



2 thoughts on “Phi-uny Brain

  1. Why bother making a show about puzzles if you don’t intend make the audience think for even a second?

    Or, heck, even show the characters actually thinking?

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