One of those rare moments that BLEACH is actually good again

These moments are both awesome and terrible at the same time.


Well firstly, I wanted to share my thoughts on BLEACH 342. After not watching for many years (But somehow I always catch up with the manga), I somehow wanted to watch this episode only because I saw awesome Rukia X Ichigo screen caps and it actually looks pretty good.

And then boom! The episode was really quite the treat. We see Rukia and Ichigo hanging out, and somehow through the animation, we get to see Rukia doing her best not to tell Ichigo that he should stop fighting. I really loved the part in the fight scene in the city where Ichigo tells Rukia “No matter what happens, I’ll always be me so stop hiding stuff that you have to say anyway”. It was a DAAAAWWW moment and somehow it gets better when Rukia disappears followed by that ED sequence where we see how much those two have gone through.

So they really went overkill this episode. The character designs look more closely to the manga that it has ever been, the background art looked like there was actually effort being put through, cinematic shots were actually considered rather than always copypasta-ing fro mthe manga, and the animation was flowy-something very perfect for a Slice of Life anime. . . but with this, it kinda disheartens you that Bleach will never be this good. Its a rare moment.

They probably blew the budget for this one. You can already see next episode that there isn’t much effort in the character designs than this episode, more so the background and the animation. Episodes like this (Ulquiorra VS. Ichigo, That Vice-captain VS. that espada in that certain episode, Grimjow VS. Ichigo) just scream, WE DON’T DO THIS ALWAYS SO FUCKING APPRECIATE IT.



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