September Roundup

My roundup’s get screwed up because I haven’t catched up to everything. But I do have a solid TOP 5 this season so here it is:

5. Usagi Drop – 42/50

It ended on a very reflective note, something that really reflects the series. Just please no sequel!

4. Nichijou – 44/50

It somehow also ended in a reflective mode, but still had its jokes intact. I really do think that Random comedy is the best type of comedy for me.

3. Hanasaku Iroha – 45/50

Unlike Ao no Exorcist, Hanairo really redeems itself in its last stretch. Everyone was busy in Bonbori and grandma really became one of the top characters of the series.

2. Mawaru Penguindrum – 47/50

This series was glorious this month. The library episode was fantastic. The plot started cutting through. The mysteries started pounding. There’s even relevance to reality. PingDuramu will really end up one of the best anime this year if this keeps up.

1. Steins;Gate – 50/50

It ended very sweet but very deserving. After all those hardship Okarin went through, I think he deserves a happy ending. Ending aside, this month was a perfect Steins;Gate month. It ended earlier than others, but it left one of the biggest impact to me. Bravo S;G, Bravo!


Well there you have it. A short, not concise, not satisfying Roundup. Hahahahahahaha!


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