Remembering Euphy

“Every Japanese! Can you please die!”

Remembering Euphy is like a heartache. She started out as an annoying female lead that’s not a female lead and the only thing keeping her from become uninteresting was that she’s a princess. But I didn’t particularly hate her.

I guess you could say, she laid down the cards too perfectly. She didn’t realize that maybe the wind can just mess it all up. The “Nippon” area she tried to built was really perfect. There’s not hing that can stop it; everyone would benefit from it. Even Lelouch admitted defeat.

But we all know what happened. . . STUPID LELOUCH YOU SHOULD’VE USED SUNGLASSES!

Episode 22 still aches my heart today. Rewatching Code Geass is helluva fun until this episode came along. Not that I think Code Geass is bad;far from it. But I just wished it had a heart in some of its episodes (R2 sorta changed that though;well after another person’s death).


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