Fate/Zero – 02


Well now I’m more confident this will be one of the top dogs this season. We finally got a more proper introduction of the servants, and we finally see who the seventh one is.

Servants shown this episode:

Rider: Some buffed-up oldie conqueror with really cool principles.

Caster: Creepy murderer. Knows his scare-tactics.

Assasin: Hahahahaha looks like the joke servant of the show.

Archer: Holy macaroons! I like the gold effects on him. I saw the ones in FS/N, it looks nothing like it is in this series.

Saber: Oh so she’s King Arthur. Sorry, I haven’t brushed up on my FS/N stuff.


Anyway Fate/Zero somehow reminds me of Raildex. There’s a lot of terminologies, sometimes they spend way too much talking when they could’ve shown how it happened (what happened to Saber’s ceremony could’ve been a cool flashback) but I manage to still like it. But its not like Fate/Zero is AS bad as Raildex in terms of that, it just reminds me of it. Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere on the other hand. . . .

Also I’m currently watching the shortcut TV Reproduction of Fate Stay/Night. I couldn’t bare watching that slow shit so might as well cram 26 episodes in to 2 hours.


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