Persona 4 is. . .

DULL. Maybe I’ll like it more if:

1. The main character spoke at least 50 words in the episode. I think his script only consists of “Oh”, or “What the hell” or “Really?”.

2. Not make it look so much like a game. It’s fun playing a game; it is not fun watching someone play a game. Watching Persona 4 is like watching a game.

3. If they change those godawful colors. Everyone looks like they have a beard because of that “unique” shading.

I’ll give it more episodes but it looks like this’ll go to the dumps pretty early..


2 thoughts on “Persona 4 is. . .

  1. The main character never talked in the game. You chose what he said because he was supposed to be you. From what I hear I can already say that the game is so much better than the anime.

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